Education is for all . Education is for distinction and distinction is for all . It is a right for all humans regardless of any impediment that thwart education .

Special education is a type of educational services and programs that include special modifications whether in curricula or methodology in response to special needs of all students who are unable to cope with ordinary educational programs.

  Accordingly , services of special education are offered to all categories of students who encounter difficulties that influence their abilities to learn . In addition, such services include students who posses distinguished abilities and talents .

  Special education emphasizes paying attention to those of special needs and adapting curricula and methodology , related to them , in a way that meets their needs so as to merge them into community .

  Education is the infrastructure of any society and it is the responsibility of those who take over education but there are children who are unable to cope with or benefit from school that offers education applying ordinary methodology . such children are those of special needs .

In order for such children to gain their right to education , special curricula have been developed to adjust to their special abilities . this is regarded as a great achievement in the history or private education as mental disabilities were characterzed as phobia and superstition as if they were curses of superior pier and such children were either neglected or rejected . With the passing of time society has begun to regard disability differently in a way that implies paying attention and acceptance . Accordingly , services have been provided to such children it benefit from their different abilities by means of the rile played by he teacher of special education as he is not an ordinary teacher and the teacher if intellectual  education is considered a miraculous one as he will take over the process of comprehensive evaluation of children’s abilities , which puts them in the right track towards learning .

  As aforementioned , a major understanding of such children’s circumstances leads to accepting them and playing attention it their different needs at our schools and society . Consequently our society shall succeed in achieving parity among all individuals and offering them mire love , appreciation and respect .